Celebrate the fabulous you with a luxury photoshoot experience

Limited to 40 women only, was $890, now $590.

Beauty. Authenticity. Strength. Wisdom.



Capturing the Essence of Women Beyond 40: A Journey of Inspiration

Join us on a remarkable photographic experience as we celebrate the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over 40—spanning the vibrant decades of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond!

We extend a warm invitation to an exclusive luxury photoshoot experience that aims to not only highlight your outer radiance but also honor the incredible journey that has shaped you into the remarkable woman you are today.

At the heart of this project lies the power of stories. We eagerly invite you to share a piece of your narrative, a personal reflection on why this undertaking resonates with you. By doing so, you become a part of a collective movement that embraces and champions the elegance of every unique story.

Let the world applaud the extraordinary YOU. This is more than just a photoshoot; it's a celebration, an homage to the chapters lived and the chapters still unwritten. Together, we'll paint a canvas of diversity, courage, and grace, redefining the narrative of age and beauty.

Come, be a part of a timeless journey that captures not only the moments but also the spirit that defies time. Your story, your essence—forever immortalized

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Limited to 40 women.

40 over 40 glam portrait collage

Included in the 40 over 40 Glam Session experience


A full makeover experience with professional hair and makeup artistry.


45 min studio portrait session with multiple wardrobe changes.


 2 beautifully retouched high-resolution digital images.


 One of your portraits will be featured in our 40 over 40 digital magazine book.


An invitation to an exclusive reception celebrating you and the other 39 beautiful women who participate.


40 over 40 Glam Project

ALL FOR $590


Would you like to bring a loved one or are you interested in an outdoor location? Ask us about our custom portrait session options.




How do I participate in this inspiring project?

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Whether you grew up in a nurturing and cheerleading environment or not, you’ve arrived here…at this moment, and I want to celebrate the fabulous YOU!

Experience gives us perspective, and perspective gives us assurance. You now know that your beauty goes beyond the size of your waist and the color of your eyes. Your essence captivates hearts and speaks volumes. I want to capture your soul, embracing the journey that has led you to the woman you are today.

The project will close once I photograph 40 women :)




a studio photo of a mother.